Date Founded Before 1950
Founder Inuits
Where Founded Inuit Villages
Basic Concept Single Person Paddle Boat
Participants 1-2
Equipment PFD, Paddles Kayaks
Where Practiced Lakes, Large Rivers, Oceans (Close to shore)
Related Sports Canoeing
Muscle Powered Boating

Kayak (Small)

A man kayaking.

Kayaking is a fun, easy activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Unlike canoes, kayaks have flatter, pointier hulls that serve to increase speed. Also, kayakers use double-tipped paddles instead of ores or single-tipped paddles.

History Edit

Kayaking was invented by arctic Inuits. The first kayaks were made from sealskin-covered wooden frames, used for hunting and traveling long distances in a short amount of time.

Later, European settlers adopted the craft by covering their wooden frames with fabric.

In the 1950's, kayaks were made out of the new material called fiberglass. Then, in 1984, the first plastic kayak was made.

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